Cuddledry - Cuddlepaw Toddler Towel



Clip clop here comes the adorable little Cuddlepaw!

Cuddledry's adorable toddler towel for little girls and boys who love snow leopards, dressing up, cosy snuggles and fun. We think this is the most fun that can be had after bathtime - a towel for your little leopards that is BIG, SOFT, WARM, FUN and downright gorgeous!

Made with a signature blend of incredibly soft bamboo and cotton towelling, which will always stay soft however often you wash your Cuddlepaw. Something special to use every day with your little one - or to give as a brilliant and unusual present. Comes in a beautiful presentation box and makes a lovely baby shower gift!

Loved by kids as well as mums and dads - your little ones will bundle the towel around them to keep them snug, and then charge around your house until its time to get dressed!


  • Made with natural bamboo fibre and pure cotton
  • Silky soft, 60% more absorbent than pure cotton, with a natural antibacterial quality
  • Cute and snuggly pony design in chestnut with mane and tail!
  • Snugly buggly double layers - the warmest toddler towel you can buy
  • Sensibly big - tons of fabric to wrap them right up cosy hood
  • Amazing bamboo to dry hair and keep warmth in
  • Encourages imaginatice play and lots of smiles!

Suitable from walking age to 3 years